Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Vengaya bajji / Onion bajji / Fritters with onion

Very tasty and aromatic snack. Can be prepared in no time. When we go to Rajender's native and visit our friends and relatives there, this was the main snack item they serve us. Enjoying their talk, sitting with a plate of vengaya bajji in hand and a cup of hot tea - that is what is called as heaven on earth :). This is a perfect dish for onion lovers.

Ingredients :

Onions- 2 nos
Bengal gram flour- 1 cup
Rice flour- 1/4 cup
Chilli powder- 1 tspn
Green chillies-3 nos (optional)
Egg- 1 no (optional)
Asafoetida- few pinches
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

Method :

Cut onions as shown in picture. Mix the gram flour and rice flour with onions nicely with your hand. The flour should coat all the onion pieces. If you are using egg, break the egg open and mix with onions and flour mixture at this stage. Now add water little by little to get a consistency which is not so watery and not too thick. Actually it should be close to the thicker side but not too dry. Mix in chilli powder, asafoetida and enough salt. Now heat oil in a pan and fry the prepared batter containing onions in batches. Tasty, tasty snack will be ready in a jiffy.

Taste enhancing tips for this recipe : Bajji should be soft and not that crispy as pakodas. You can adjust the crispiness by varying the amount of water. The final mixture should not be very dry. It shoould not be too watery too. Adding egg imparts that extra softness. Do not forget asafoetida. If you are allergic to besan you can use moong dhal flour. The taste of bajjis made with moong dhal flour will be a bit different but it will not compromise the taste. Enjoy the pakoda with a glass of hot tea on a cold day for that extra effect :). Happy cooking !!!


  1. manju..delicious onion baji..ulli baji is one of our favorite snack.the best thisng is its so easy to prepare..nice picture..looks crispy perfectly's the weather now

  2. Manju,

    vengaya bajji looks really nice, enjoy with tea time. I make pakoda with them.

  3. love bhajiya...this use to be our late night working snack with vada pav...yum!

  4. Looks so yummy and perfect dear...

  5. simply great...I like the way you present ..that first pic with all steps :)

  6. Perfect snack at tea time, even i love onion fritters but do it in a different way..yours look good too manju

  7. Manju, i got plantain today and was planning to prepare bajji out of it this week end :) what coincidence?

    picture looks perfect.I dont use to slit the onions for the bajji. I just cut it in its same shape after peeling off the skin.

  8. Onion Bajji is very tempting Manju.
    I like this 'Heaven on earth'. We too enjoy with Tea, sometimes tea with hot Masala Vadai.

  9. this is my favorite snack....tempting and looks crunchy...thanks for sharing dear...

  10. Manju,
    You know what, yesterday it was raining in the evening, so I tempted to eat something spicy with my tea and I made the same bajji. I will post it later.

    Yours is simply superb and awesome and would like to have it again.. pass it to me..

  11. Prani, thanks for asking. The weather was still horrible :(

    Anu, prepare onion bajji this way...might be this is much crispier :)

    You can have as much as you want...please visit me :)

    Thank you friends for all your lovely comments :) Only you ppl keep me going. Love u all :)

  12. dads fav...urs looks cro=isp and lovely color..mouthwatering..

  13. I want some bajji immediately, havent prepared quite a very fav bajji..

  14. ஏங்க நமக்கு ஜோசியம் பார்த்த ஜோசியர் செத்து போயிட்டாராம்.

    பின்ன பண்ணின பாவம் சும்மா விடுமா..
    (எது எங்கயோ படிச்சது"உடனே நியாபகம்வந்தது.

    எப்படி டெய்லி எதாச்சும் பண்ணிடே இருந்தா எப்படி ஒல்லியகிறது...

    வெரி ஈசி method நன்றி

    வருத்தபடாத வாசிப்போர் சங்கம்
    காம்ப்ளான் சூர்யா

  15. bajji looks tempting. very tasty

  16. Superb and crispy bajjis....I can have these anytime :)

  17. Am in for any time...pls pass those here...yummy

  18. Your bhaji's looks so apptizing and your blog is very beautiful

  19. Onion fritters/bajji have turned out perfect n them with a cup of chai. Friends and snacks...chitchatting, miss that kind of fun here:(

  20. Oh what a delicious dish! Also, I love the title of your blog! :)

  21. Wow! just fried and munched momemnts ago....So YUMMY!!!...thanks....I added 4-6 curry leaves torn to pieces before frying..tasted even better