Friday, 19 February 2010

Are you getting married? Ask for medical fitness certificate!!!

We were in India few weeks back. Had a wonderful time with our kith and kins. When talking with people I got to hear many stories both good and bad. I am very much moved with one such incident. My hubby's friend got married few months after our marriage. Everything seemed to go on well until his wife got pregnant. As every couple they went for a medical check-up. There they got to hear the horrible news. The girl is HIV-positive!!! Her husband also took a HIV test. Till now he maintains that he is HIV negative. Even today when I imagine the plight of this couple I could not control my tears. The most horrible thing in this story is the girl carried the baby to term. After giving birth the baby died of AIDS. The only connecting bridge between them is now gone. The girl now lives with her parents.

One more tragic incident. A girl got married. Few months later the girl and her family came to know that the boy is suffering from kidney failure. The worst thing is that the boy and his family already knew this. The girl’s parent wanted her to come back home. But the girl refused and agreed to live with that sick person (both mentally and physically!!!). This story ended with the death of the groom only few months later!!!!

These are real life stories. Getting married is the most important decission in any persons life. If you believe in horoscope matching go for it BUT please do aks for a medical fitness certificate. It will avoid many horrible things that might happen in your life. Never think this will not happen to me. Everyone is in danger. Prevention is better as there is no cure for many heartaches. Be realistic!! Be safe!!! Be happy!!

I heard that few function halls in tamilnadu demand a medical fitness certificate from both the bride and the groom. Kudos!!! to them. Its high time Indian government recognises the seriousness of the situation. Our government should take immediate steps to frame laws stressing the importance of medical fitness certificate in marriages.

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