Saturday, 20 February 2010

A simple, healthy snack with fried bengal gram / garbanzo beans

When I am really in need of a quick, heart-warming and a real hot snack I make it. It's one of my comfort food. I beleive every comfort food carries with it many fond remembrances of our childhood. For me it reminds me of the cold, rainy days in madurai and my dad. When it starts raining my dad would ask me whether we can make this snack. Takes a minute to prepare and makes you very warm and cozy during a cold, rainy season. After I prepare it me and my dad will be have it, sitting near the door of our kitchen, watching the rain outside and having a hearty conversation. Wonderful days they are!!!

The recipe is very easy. Take two hand fulls of fried garbanzo beans. To that add finely crushed dry red chilli (amount depends on how hot you would like to have it. For me I would add 3 crushed long,dry red chillies. If you need it less spicy perhaps one is enough), 1/4 tspn of cumin seeds, 1/2 onion cut into bite sized pieces, 1or 2 tspns of seasame oil (you can instead use virgin olive oil) and 1/4 tspn of salt. Mix everything well. Smell this mixture it smells divine!! Now it is ready to eat. This quick recipe I learned from my dad. Probably it's from my grandma (dad's mom). It's a snack  prepared in those days in villages because it's cheaper and at the same time healthier.

Bengal gram or garbazo beans is a very good source of protein. Cumin seeds have many medicinal properties and extremely good for digestive disorders. Onion have potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Red chillies have high vitamin C and carotene content. They contain a compound called capsacin which acts as an anti-analgesic. Capsacin also has anti-coagulant properties and it increses our blood circulation. And if I could say one more good thing about red chillies :), they increases your endorphin levels and will actually make you feel happy. Seasame oil or olive oil is a source of healthy fat.

Is there a better snack to eat on a rainy, cold day?? Our ancestors are very intelligent ofcourse!!! Happy cooking friends!! Have a beautiful week-end!

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