Sunday, 21 February 2010

A snow is a snow is a snow :)

This year there have been a lot of snowy days. The first snow of the year is usually very amusing. It is very beautiful to see snow flakes floating and trying to land on the ground. When it falls on your face it tickles you gently and when a snowfalke occasionally lands on your lips and melts......hmmm that feeling is wonderful. But, the day  when the temperature starts to rise and the snow starts to melt a fear grips me tightly when I have to go outside. "Will I fall down?". I am very much worried about falling down and hitting my head somewhere or breaking my leg. It really skids when you least expect and the feeling you get suddenly is comparable to a roller-coaster ride and I hate roller-coaster rides :) So this winter I am extra cautious, trying to keep each and every step very carefully. Even after all the precautions, one morning I woke-up with pain in my foot. When I walk slowly the pain is horrible. But when I start walking fast the pain stops. Strange isn't it? Waited for a couple of days and went to a doctor. She examined my foot. Touched a particular muscle, it is very painful. She told me "I think you are extra cautious while walking on a snowy ground, you must have exerted too much pressure on your leg muscle", so just massage that particular area then the pain should go away. Two days of massage the pain went away like magic and I love that doctor. The moral of the story is "A snow is a snow is a snow", however careful you are you suffer from it someway :D. The above still is captured from my living room window today morning.


  1. Snow is very beautiful manju but the hardest part is you park your car in evening and by luck you woke up late and have to rush for your duty and sorry you cant take out the car that easily you have to fight with the snow at-least for half hour

  2. We have not experienced it as we don't have a car but I have seen people scrapping out the snow :) Ofcourse it's a difficult job :)