Thursday, 15 April 2010

Rainbow fruit salad

I love rainbows because I love colours. Imagine a world without colours, dull and scary right?  Life is full of colours, blue sky, green plants, brown earth, flowers and fruits in almost all shades !!! We should thank GOD for making our lives sooooo colorful. 

The new ‘mantra’ in the world of  nutrition is eat rainbows everyday !!! Oops!! sorry :) , eat different coloured foods (if you could select foods containing 7 different shades, darker the best) everyday. When we think of different coloured foods naturally fruits come to our mind first. What gives the fruit its colour? There are certain plant chemicals called anthocyanins, anthoxanthins, carotenoids etc., (there are 1000s of such chemicals !!!) which gives fruit their respective colours. Phytochemicals are powerful anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants protect our body against harmful free radicals. Free radicals are substances that produce damage to our body and these anti-oxidants inactivate the free radicals. That is why anti-oxidants are important in our diet. Anti-oxidants  protect against cancer, heart-attck, neurological diseases and other age related disorders. Interested in knowing about the anti-oxidants much more please follow this link.

Spring is here and so are different variety fruits. So picked up a few varieties to make this colourful salad. It was a feast not only to our taste buds but also for our eyes. Rajender loves fruit salad made with custrad powder, milk and lots of sugar. But I hate to make fruit salad that way. They are sinfully delicious !!! with its extreme sugar content. So made a simple yet tasty salad with different coloured fruits, a teaspoon of honey and roasted pine nuts.  Seeing these different colours I thought of giving them the name RAINBOW SALAD’. A healthy, cool salad for the hot summer !!!

Ingredients : 

This is upto you. Add whatever you like or whetever you get in your region.
I used :
Grapes ( two different colours)
Blue berries
Musk melon
Pine nuts (If you do not get pine nuts in your region use the nut you love, roasted almonds too make a suitable accompaniment)
Honey- 1 tspn

Method :

Cut fruits into bite-sized pieces and mix them in a bowl. Serve chilled with a teaspoon of honey and roasted pine nuts. Pine nuts with fruits are really tasty and healthy. Happy blogging!!! and always ADD COLOUR TO YOUR LIFE !!! :)

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  1. Rainbow salad looks beautiful and vibrant.

  2. Thanks for visiting and joining in my space, wow salad looks so colorful and healthy, beautiful click too. Will come back to see what you're cooking dear.....

  3. Colourful salad looks catchy and awesome...

  4. Really colourful..

  5. thanks for the comments manju..rainbow salad looks beautiful.. a very healthy one..really liked the colors..good work.

  6. Thank you friends for the appreciation :)