Sunday, 7 March 2010

A love story and idly upma

Before going to the above photographs explanation I would like to share with you one of my love story . My love affair with him started when  I left India and came to Germany. No, the previous statement may be wrong, the correct statement would be I realized the love for him only when I came to Germany . In India, he was most of the time near my reach. Atleast thrice or four times a week we meet each other. I used to wake up on hearing the sound of his arrival. I will be eagerly waiting for him, eventhough I never realized the passion and love I had for him. Since he is nearby I took him for granted.  He is so soft and as pure as a snow. ' Partha udane appadiye kadichu sapidalmnu thonum' .  He smelled great too. When I left him in India, I never had any regrets. But after spending few weeks in Germany I literally yearned for him . Sometimes I would wake up with dreams of his beautiful scent and softnes. OMG!!! I love him so very much, and I am talking about.........IDLY  yeah Idlies, the most wonderful of man's creation and I love him crazily .

When my friend posted idly upma recipe in her blog I wanted to taste it immediately. So today I made idlies for breakfast. Only during this India visit we bought an Indian made mixer grinder. Now I can prepare reasonably good idlies. But before with the mixie available here in Germany, I failed in my idly making attempt several times but I never forsook my attempt of making decent idlies. At last I came up with a recipe which called for the addition of beer in the idly batter  which made my darling as soft as I get in India. But now with the new mixie I do not encounter problems. My idli batter rises very well . So coming back to the point again, I tried Anu's idly upma recipe. It came out very well and I enjoyed it with a cup of tea as an evening snack. Thank you Anu and I always  appreciate the way you present your recipes beautifully (after all I learned from you but never so perfect). Keep on posting girl and please try some of my recipes too .

 Here is the link for Anu's idly upma recipe. Enjoy!!! and Happy cooking!!!


  1. Manju a cool post ... maybe u shld not have had a title... and if u cud have posted the title at the end.. it wud have been tooo good [;)]... keep posting...

  2. Thanks a lot anna :) True, but donno how to exclude title :(