Saturday, 20 March 2010

Mango and curd rice - an incredible combo!!!

Today we went to the farmers market and guess what, I found a nice, ripe, flavourful, delicious mango there. Here in Germany, we get ripe mangoes most of the time in a year. Those mangoes are sweet but minus it's delicious smell and flavour. Imagine a mango without its smell, horrible right, thats how I felt when I tasted those mangoes in the beginning. But in the shops run by Indians and Pakistanis you get imported mangoes which are as tasty and flavourful as the mangoes we get in India. But the mango in the picture above was as good as our Indian variety mangoes. Now-a-days few big supermarkets in Germany sell Indian variety mangoes too.

When I think of mangoes and curd rice I remember my school days. When I studied 6th class I had a friend named Vijayarani. Still I am in contact with her and I found her in orkut after almost 15 years!!! In the first scrap I sent her I mentioned about the mango and curd rice combo she brings for lunch. We used to eat together and when she opens her tiffin box during summer months (which is also the mango season) a wonderful aroma of mangoes and curd rice fills the entire place. In my home we are not used to that combo at that time. Definitely I used to drool on the combination. And surprisingly she too remembered the dish which I used to take for lunch very often (thattam payiru kuzhambu). Might be it impressed her too (?). Viji very happy to meet you and please do keep visiting my blog and let me know your invaluable comments.

When I came home form the weekend market I made curd rice and devoured the sweet, ripe mango along with it. Rajender likes this combo too. I temepred the curd rice with mustard, urid dhal, ginger pieces, onions, chillies, fresh coriander leaves and a pinch of asafoetida. This kind of tempered curd rice and pickle is what I took for lunch during my school and college days . During my masters my classmates staying in hostel loved to empty my tiffin box. At that time I didn't understand them. I would think whats there in a curd rice?!! But now I do miss many of the simple dishes what my mom made. So today with sweet mango and curd rice we had a sumptuous meal. Try this combo if you haven't, you will love it too. Happy cooking and have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. OMG i couldn't beleive this Manju...when sharing joy with one of my close friend, when we got in touch after so many years...i mentioned to her abt u & guess what...your thatta payiru kuzhambu too :-) until now, i'm mad after these puli kuzhambu's with some payiru kind in it. And i'm surprised that u still remember that :-) BTW, when u joined VGS were we not in 7th or 8th std ??? My memory fails me...


  2. Very happy too see your scrap Viji...and yes it is surprising for me too :) Ofcourse food is powerful ;) I joined there in 6th class. I studied there 6th and 7th class. Now I know what you like...I will try blogging something which my friend like too :) and I am mad about curd rice and mango combo :)