Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Pompous swamijis and the desperate commoners

When I saw  Sun TV news yesterday evening, a big grin appeared on my face. Any guess? Yes, ofcourse it’s the news about Swami (?) Nithyananda which made me amused. I am amused because I am self-assured one more time that ‘a human being is a human being’ (whatelse a scientific researcher need!!!), even if they wear saffron coloured clothes, live in palaces (modern day saints do have such privileges!!!), vomit Shiva lingam’s from their guts, hey do not imagine big only small enough to take it out via their mouth (yuck!!!strange humans!!!) give enlightening lectures like "Life itself is the goal and the path" (vah!!!) and invariably most of them have long, bush like, black hair which never turns white with age (Swamiji’s pride, women’s envy ), which is either the result of a secret hair oil or the extra testosterone that is being pumped up due to all the comforts . Ok jokes apart, ‘What makes us run behind these so called super humans?’.

Human mind is attracted by anything that is fascinating. Everything from magic shows to the concept of ‘life after death’ fascinates us. Sometimes I wonder how animals believe in what they see and live happily and we belive in what we do not see and lead a miserable life full of guilt and suspicion . The most important reason for many of our spiritual beleif’s is the feeling of insecurity and the soothing thought of some supernatural power coming to our rescue and clearing away all our problems in the blink of an eye. Spirituality is not about seeking an all in all cure for our physical and mental ailments. Spirituality is all about sustaining life and living happily amongst those ailments. We human beings are in constant search of something to hold on to because of the unstable nature of our life. In short we are afraid. In this situation, think of the invisible God appearing in human form and living among us with great promises  to lift away all our miseries!!!. This is what that makes most people fall for these swamijis. Apart from these, our media and politicians, for their part create a wave of mass hysteria among commoners by giving inappropriate importance to these swamijis.

Belief is good. Belief is what that keeps us going. Belief in a supernatural power helps us to lead a balanced and a sane life. But what happens when such beliefs take hold of our thoughts all the time? I have seen people who with the passage of time lose entire control of their life because of such superstitious beleifs. Even for taking petty decissions in their life they rely on swamijis. They live in constant disbeleif and insecurity. But when you talk to them they can give you a hot lecture about the power of belief and why he or she beleives that particular swamiji (be careful you can be lured in too!!)

In short, if you need a peaceful life never believe in humanized form of God. Especially never ever believe in someone who is living in pomp and show. Please think rationally. You call them saints and they need fame, wealth and comfort!!! Sometimes life can be very unfair and distressing. If you believe in God pray to him silently. Seek comfort in the presence of your loved ones and their advise. If you still believe you need more comfort in the form of a guru turn to good books which can give you immense comfort and mental support. If even that fails, go to a psychiatrist for help. But never go in search of some cheap magicians. Once you lose control of your life it is very difficult to get back to normal. You may fall into all kinds of delusions.

A human being is a human being whether it is Nithyananda or some Baba. They themselves are also in flesh and blood. For me it appears sick to publicize a video of their private life. But for their followers who think they are God’s incarnation the video might come as a shock. Please do not argue that these people are doing numerous social work. What they do is to throw a piece of bread to our underprevileged citizens inorder to hide their innumerous immoral acts. For me what Nithyananda did in that controversial video is his own business even if he is a swamiji. It is very natural for a 32 year old human being to behave like that and the most pathetic creature of this entire drama is that actress.


  1. Manju.. i agree with all except for the last line... u cant say that actress was innocent. no way... many like her become like this for something they want... so cowards like him take adv of such ppl...
    otherwise... a nice and detailed post on ... no i shld not call that guy a swamiji anymore... that creature.

  2. Anna, I somehow feel most actresses lead a very pathetic life. No love and support from their relations and they are looked upon as money-makers by their family. So they easily fall for people whom they shouldn't. I donno anna, but I am now just watching how the entire plot unfolds :)