Monday, 15 March 2010

Potato fry

Potato is a favourite vegetable for many people. I am also a fan of this starchy, tuberous crop. When I am young I used to wait for tasting the cooked potato. When my mom cooks it and cools it for removing the skin I used to peel it and eat it. Before my mom could use it for preparing a dish half of it will be in my stomach.   Definitely this starchy vegetable has an unique taste. Mainly children love it in any form. This vegetable is  very versatile too. It acquires different taste depending on the way it is prepared. Cooked potato has an entirely different taste than the fried one and shallow fried potato has a different taste than the deep fried one. In Europe it is a staple vegetable. They consume potatoes like rice. It was very surprising for me in the beginning to see cooked potatoes in the canteen here. Just a bowl of cooked potatoes!!! Potato is very easy to cook. The first dish I made was with potato. This potato fry recipe which I am going to share with you is very simple yet very tasty. Look at the way they are cut and fried. Beautiful right? I loved it from my childhood. I love potato fry when my mom prepare it this way. This fry will be crispier on the outside and soft inside (veliya kara muranu ulla methunu...supera irukum). I am 100% sure your little one will love it . One more important thing is Rajender loves it too. Once when I aksed (compelled!!!)  him to tell which dish he likes most in my preparation he mentioned this after a long thought . So this dish is really special to me .


Potato- 5 nos
Chilli powder- 2 tspns
Salt and oil for seep frying


Cut potato as shown in the photograph. Marinate the cut potato pieces with chilli powder and enough salt for 30 minutes. Then deep fry in oil. Very tasty potato fry is ready to serve.

Potato is a starchy vegetable. So it is not advisable to include it too often in your diet. Once in a week should be OK. But I use it even less in my home. For children it should be no problem. Try to include it more often. Potato is very rich in good quality gvitamin C and pottasium. If you find green areas in potato or if you find sprouts in them please remove it. These portions harbour solanine a poisonous glycoalkaloid which could affect the nervous system. One more imporatnt thing about potato is- It is best to consume this vegetable with skin. All the nutrients in potato is concentrated between the skin and the flesh. Skin also provides us with fiber. So if you get potatoes with flawless skin try to cook it with skin.

Taste enhancing tips for this recipe: Do not burn the potato pieces when frying. Take them out when they acquire a golden brown colour. Take care not to add too much salt. Cut it as shown in figure. It not only looks beautiful, cutting that way greatly enhances the taste too. Happy cooking!!!

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